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We are driven in pursuit of excellence. Everything we do here at SHIELD will uphold the highest standards of integrity. Trust, quality, independence, professionalism and ethics are in our DNA and that is why we consistently deliver work that makes a positive difference to our clients.

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SHIELD provides services by skilled and experienced Consultants in various areas of Risk Management.



STORM is a suite of easy-to-use, well designed tools which will enhance the user’s risk management experience, as a professional, as well as support the business through unique benefits. Combining field experience and in-depth understanding of risk management theory and methodologies, STORM allows professional practitioners to perform risk management activities in various fields, to the benefit of business.

STORM can be extremely useful and cost effective in providing its users with a rounded solution for their operational risk management requirements.

STORM is designed and programmed by risk managers, hence its unique utility value.  Feedback from current and past clients shows that STORM is practical, user friendly and enhances administration process.  Designed and created as a joint effort between experienced field practitioners and highly competent programmers, STORM packs a considerable array of practical benefits, such as:

  • Shared Resources – the system allows The Client to store, retain and manage documents within a single domain, securely and access controlled.
  • Collaboration – from the outset, STORM was designed with the idea that multiple users need to share resources and collaborate in resolving incidents, emergencies and crises. Through a highly innovative approach, the system brings together different stakeholders from within an organisation – and externally if required – to work together towards meeting planned objectives.
  • Information sharing in Real Time – STORM allows various stakeholders to share common information on the system, in real time. Policies, plans, procedures and specific protocols can be accessed at the various levels of Incident Command and reviewed or actioned as appropriate at the time.
  • Standardised approach – the system permits our client to implement standardised policies, plans, procedures and protocols through a common, shared process.  Indeed, the system was initially deployed in Libya on several assets and is now rolled out in several other hostile or challenging operational environments within Middle East and Africa.
  • Opportunities for continual improvement – STORM provides its users with an opportunity for continuous improvement.  By utilising different functions, the system allows for effective review of risk management processes and change.
  • Exercising function – a key feature of the system is the Exercise function that permits the client to stage desktop based exercises across its operations, even involving commands in different counties.
  • Change control – the system allows for planned changes and improvements.
  • Lessons learnt – the system allows the client to implement lessons learnt from real-life incidents and exercises, processed through change control.
  • A Training Tool – STORM is readily usable as a highly valuable, interactive training tool, supported by its own e-Learning package.
  • Available on multiple devices – the system can be made available onto several different types of devices, securely through access controls, thus allowing for unprecedented flexibility in Crisis Management.
  • Common Recognised Information Picture (CRIP) – A key element of crisis management good practice as defined in PAS 200:2011, Crisis Management – Guidance and Good Practice, the system inherently and effectively creates a CRIP.  It features a highly useful Situational Awareness interface which our clients find as an invaluable tool and aid during crisis management as well as general operational risk management and training.
  • Full audit trail – all events on the system, when input by the different users, are date-time stamped on the database by user, command level and location.  Reports can then be saved, downloaded or printed for audit purposes.
  • Alerts generated on multiple media communication sources – STORM is designed to send out alerts and messages onto various media – email; Skype; mobile phone messaging and other media.  This feature generates high assurance that alert messages are received by key players.
  • Scalability – through a pre-planned programming architecture, the system allows for scalability both through additional tools from within the STORM suite as well as systemic enhancements if required by The Client and deemed appropriate.

Some of the tools within STORM are:

Business Continuity Management Tools

These tools enable the professional practitioner to address the various aspects of the Business Continuity Management lifecycle. Based on the requirements of BS 22301 and the Code of Practice of the Business Continuity Institute, the variety of tools are an invaluable aid in putting together a BCM program or enhancing existing programs.

Construction Occupational Health and Safety Tools

These tools enable safety practitioners, project managers and other interested parties involved in safety management during construction projects to plan and execute the safety and environmental. Designed to satisfy international regulatory requirements in Europe, Middle East and Africa, the tools are highly versatile and adaptable to ensure compliance as well as operational integrity involved in complex construction works.

Industrial Occupational Health and Safety Tools

These tools enable workplace safety practitioners to plan and execute health and safety. Designed to satisfy international regulatory requirements in Europe, Middle East and Africa, the tools are highly versatile and adaptable to meet the various compliance needs in different workplaces. In many instances, the tools have been designed to satisfy the various aspects of OHSAS 18001:2007 and UK HSE HSG 65.

Fire Risk Management Tools

These tools enable fire wardens and safety practitioners to manage risks of fire and flammable materials, prevent fires, and plan for emergencies and evacuation procedures up to coordination with local emergency authorities. Designed to satisfy legal requirements in Malta, based also on British and European standards, the tools can be implemented in a wide range of businesses and work sectors.

Security Risk Management Tools

These tools are specifically designed for the professional security risk manager. Versatile and covering various aspects of security, the tools enable the security professional to plan and execute various aspects of security, including vulnerability assessments; threat evaluations; security risk assessments and security plans. These tools meet the European and International standards for security in Oil and Gas [API], maritime security [ISPS Code] and National Critical Infrastructures.

Quality Risk Management Tools

These tools are specifically designed to support management at all levels of an organisation in structuring and implementing effective risk management frameworks. Based on the BS ISO 31000 family of standards, guidance and Codes of Practices, the tools are suitable for incorporating requirements for Corporate Social Responsibility, Business Continuity, Information Security, Transportation and Supply Chain security, Health and Safety and Environmental amongst other features.

Environmental Risk Management Tools

These tools are specifically designed to support organisations in their environmental obligations. Based on the requirements of the ISO 14001 standard, these tools enable organisations to structure the relevant policies, plans and procedures to orientate towards the standard or even achieve certification. The tools are versatile enough to stand alone but can also link to constitute a robust Environmental Management System.



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